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July 2017

Don't panic. You've got this under control! Group "friendapist" Catherine Drury shares some basic tips and recommendations for readjusting your mood when you catch yourself spiraling. Plus, updates on the Groupiverse and future episodes.

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June 2017

Mimi is worried she's murdering people. Emily takes two-hour showers. What's up with their brains? Oh, it's OCD! In this episode of Group, Ian and Rebecca dissect Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder with the help of Dr. Sarah Parker, a therapist who specializes in the treatment of the disorder. Also, Rebecca shares her compulsive childhood prayers and strange pattycaking.

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May 2017

How much does poor sleep mess with your brain? Rebecca and Ian discuss with the help of Dr. Shelby Harris, a behavioral sleep medicine expert. Rebecca shows off her sleep setup (including her 20 lb weighted blanket); and we hear two contrasting stories of depression and sleep disorders.

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April 2017

Does interacting with animals improve your mental health? Rebecca and Ian go on a quest to find out. We hear from a nursing student whose Yorkshire Terrier helps prevent panic attacks. We weigh the mental health benefits of pet ownership with Anthrozoology Professor Hal Herzog. And we hear the story of a man given a prescription for an emotional support goat.

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March 2017

Rebecca compulsively picks at her nails. Ian used to bite the inside of his cheeks. In this episode of "Group," mental health counselor Merrill Black explains how compulsive self-grooming works and how to treat it. We also hear the story of a young woman with trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling). And we chat with the founder of a mental health nonprofit about her experience with excoriation disorder (compulsive skin picking).

February 2017

Rebecca and Ian chat about phobias, including Rebecca's fear of spiders. We hear from an exposure therapist who treats people with severe phobias and chat with a guy who got over his spider phobia with help from a tarantula tattoo.